Lake Chapala

artisan in Ajijic

Lake Side Chapala and Ajijic

It is believed that Chapala and Ajijic (located in the state of Jalisco) were inhabited by an indigenous people of northern Mexico. The first Spanish occupation can be traced to 1524, according to the account of a Franciscan monk, Fray Juan de Padilla. But actually become Chapala was established as an area until the 1530s, when the brothers Martin de Jesus and Fray Juan de Amolón built a convent, a hospital and a church.

At this point in time and until the early 1800s, Chapala was part of Spain. In his quest for independence from Spain, Jose Encarnacion Rosas led 200 men against the forces of Jose Antonio Serrato. It is said that Rosas and his men not only beat Serrato but took 300 of his rifles. The search for independence Roses lasted until November 25, 1816, when the last battle was finally won and stopped the fight. Eight years later Chapala was finally declared a villa, or a small town.

In the 1800s, Chapala grew and attracted a wave of foreign immigrants. These foreign immigrants were the first to build European-style estate, some of which still stand today. The introduction of the railroad in the 1900s, caused an increase in visitors and others making this small town home throughout the year. The population growth has led to an increase in business. His incredible climate rivera Chapala and natural beauty began to attract tourists, and thus retaining its style, several hotels were built to cater to tourists.

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A bit of History

Guadalajara Mexico


The history of the city goes back much before Elvis Presley decided to sing this song.

When we show off the Pearl of the West, as it is also known, to the average vistor who are wise enough to hire a licensed tour guide, we relate physical testimonies of our culture and history from those of us who lived, and suffered the City of Roses before us. A Guadalajara city tour is more of a transmision of our cultural values that shaped this city we inherited, we preserve, and share today. These values are expressed in our music declared intangible patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO that also lists the Agave Tequila Landscape, haciendas, and impressive Cabanas Cultural institute building.

Where to Stay

Hotels in Guadalajara, where to stay

Guadalajara City Hotels

City of Guadalajara offeres a wide range of hotels for all budgets and needs, please brouse through the following list below and pick the best hotel that can feet your requirements.




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Guadalajara is the 2nd most populated metropolitan region in Mexico after Mexico City. The Guadalajara Metropolitan region has 7 adjacent municipalities. The city is located in the western pacific area of Mexico in the central area of Jalisco. Guadalajaras economy is primarily based on industry, particularly in information technology and has numerous international firms with manufacturing facilities in the Guadalajara Metro Area. The city is the cultural center of Mexico and is the home of Mariachi music and the host of numerous cultural events including the Guadalajara Book Fair and the International Film Festival of Guadalajara where numerous internationally renowned cultural events draw international crowds. Guadalajara is the seat of the municipality of Guadalajara and the capital of Jalisco.


If you are looking for a job in Mexico, you need to look in the Guadalajara classifieds. The ability to find a job in Mexico frequently depends on how good your credentials are and who you know. It is a significant help if you are bilingual, particularly if you have a good knowledge of English, while other languages such as Italian, German, and French are also very handy considering the size and number of European companies that are doing business in Mexico.

In addition to placing an advertisement in the Guadalajara classifieds, if you are newly arrived you should register with the relevant social clubs, chambers of commerce, and respective embassies in order to begin the process of incorporating yourself into the flow of things and to find good opportunities to start networking.

For the executives who want a new job or to change jobs, the next best thing to placing an advertisement in the Guadalajara classifieds is to use the services of a headhunter. There are some excellent international headhunting companies and services in Mexico. However, be advised that many headhunting companies require a fee for their search, and will usually insist on exclusivity for a certain period of time so that know that they wont be wasting their time and the time of others.


The absolute best way to find a job in Mexico is to advertise your services on the Guadalajara classifieds. You should also exchange experiences and advice with others who were or are in a similar circumstance as yourself. Be sure you contact the chamber of commerce regardless if they are local or foreign because they have their own employment agencies where you can post notices and search for job vacancies.


  • Population in Mexico is 116, 901.761 habitants (Feb 2013)


  • Territory in Mexico 1,972,550 km2                   (761,606 sq mi)


Jalisco State in comparison to Mexico

Mexico territory






  • There are 32 States in Mexico


  • Territorial extension (surface): Jalisco has an area of ​​78,588 square kilometers km2, (78.588km = 48mi 1464.9yd).


Jalisco territory comparison

Jalisco territory comparison with Chihuahua State and Distrito Federal

  • Population in Jalisco is 7,350,682 according to the most recent census. 87 % live in urban areas and 13 % in the rural areas.
Jalisco state

Jalisco State where each color is one county

  • There are 125 counties or municipalities in Jalisco State
population in Guadalajara Jalisco

Population in the Mexican state of Jalisco


  • Guadalajara is in 1 of 125 municipalities in the Jalisco,







  • Several mediam size cities are located in the same state of Jalisco: Puerto Vallarta, Tepatitlan, Arandas, Ciudad Guzman, Ocotlan.
Population in Jalisco Mexico

Population in Guadalajara Metropolitan Area

4,242,374 Habitants

Divided as follows:graphic population by age

GDL County Population 1,495,189   (150.3 km2)

Population in Zapopan County 1,243,756 habitants (963.3 km2)

Population in Tlaquepaque County 608,114 habitants (120.12 km2)

Population in Tonala 478,689 habitants (151.39 Km2)

Population in Tlajomulco de Zuniga 416,626 Habitants (673.32 Km2)




Source: INEGI. Population and Housing  Census