• Population in Mexico is 116, 901.761 habitants (Feb 2013)


  • Territory in Mexico 1,972,550 km2                   (761,606 sq mi)


Jalisco State in comparison to Mexico

Mexico territory






  • There are 32 States in Mexico


  • Territorial extension (surface): Jalisco has an area of ​​78,588 square kilometers km2, (78.588km = 48mi 1464.9yd).


Jalisco territory comparison

Jalisco territory comparison with Chihuahua State and Distrito Federal

  • Population in Jalisco is 7,350,682 according to the most recent census. 87 % live in urban areas and 13 % in the rural areas.
Jalisco state

Jalisco State where each color is one county

  • There are 125 counties or municipalities in Jalisco State
population in Guadalajara Jalisco

Population in the Mexican state of Jalisco


  • Guadalajara is in 1 of 125 municipalities in the Jalisco,







  • Several mediam size cities are located in the same state of Jalisco: Puerto Vallarta, Tepatitlan, Arandas, Ciudad Guzman, Ocotlan.
Population in Jalisco Mexico

Population in Guadalajara Metropolitan Area

4,242,374 Habitants

Divided as follows:graphic population by age

GDL County Population 1,495,189   (150.3 km2)

Population in Zapopan County 1,243,756 habitants (963.3 km2)

Population in Tlaquepaque County 608,114 habitants (120.12 km2)

Population in Tonala 478,689 habitants (151.39 Km2)

Population in Tlajomulco de Zuniga 416,626 Habitants (673.32 Km2)




Source: INEGI. Population and Housing  Census


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