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Activities in Guadalajara

The city of Guadalajara is known for being one of the most beautiful cities of the Mexican República. Just get to the city and into its vast avenues and recognize in them the spirit of a cosmopolitan city full of traditions.

There are plenty of activities to do in this city as Chapultepec Avenue, emblematic of the city as it has many monuments and is surrounded by the glamor of the Perla Tapatia.

Its breadth and beauty are present in its median and benches arranged for rest of pedestrians, who can admire the sculptures of Heroes and Ignacio Zaragoza Children, sources or any cultural events that often occur during the weekend week. Definitely worth it to shop around, on foot or by car, by way of this iconic beautiful

A Popular activity for Saturdays is joining the party train to one famous tequila distillery.  There are two trains departing from Guadalajara – Herradura Express and Jose Cuervo Express.  Both have folkloric perfarmances, live mariachi music and plenty of cocktails.

Make sure you reserve ahead of time, they have pick up and drop off  bilingual service from/ to your personal adress or hotel.

For children amusement parks of Guadalajara

Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco, is the city of Tequila and Mariachis, a tourist metropolis for its beauty, culture, gastronomy, history and amusement parks.

There is something for everyone at home: for young and old, brave and careful and attractions for her and her.

I invite you to meet these biggest, fun and popular amusement parks the second largest city in Mexico POTS 5.

Read our guide to the 15 best tourist destinations in Guadalajara

Magic jungle
The most popular city park with attractions classified as children, family, extreme and command.

Attractions for children: designed for children. Some of them are mechanical like the caterpillar Cucu, the train of Yip Yip, Enrique bubbles and lanchitas lake.

Two of the most notorious are the water areas where children are introduced and walk or try to do on the water, and of course the inflatable mattress.

Family-type attractions: games for the whole family as racing cars akron, a racetrack for children and adults, bumper cars, leaning cabin and Cantinflas, adventure where you can find more of the world no. 1 comic learn.

Extreme Attractions: The Tornado, Titan, Monster Family and Aladdin roller coasters take the fun to a new level.

Command Attractions: They will test your adventurous character. You will get into the suspension bridges, zip lines, bungee jumping and you will handle the mini jeep.

To enter Selva Mágica you need one of the 4 types of tickets.

Annual Pass for 499 Pesos ($ 27): Includes all attractions except Comando.

VIP pass for 479 pesos ($ 26): Includes all attractions and a food combination.

Platinum Pass for 249 Pesos (13 USD): You can go to the attractions as often as you like.

Magic Pass for 149 Pesos (8 USD): gives you access to 23 of the park’s 36 attractions.

Address: 600 Pass Zoo, Lower Huentitan Colony, C.P. 44,390th

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Here meet in this amusement park, where you will spend the best summers of your life.

More than a water park, this is Tobolandia.

Approved all over Jalisco for their slides and pools that guarantee total fun with family or friends.

These are the main attractions:

Tobolcán: slide many crazy twists and ends in a slide ramp 4 feet high.

Kamilancha: walk with a friend on a double-tire goes quiet and smooth fast and wild, with a vertical drop of 5 meters. This is Kamilancha.

Waterslides: There are 5 of these, some closed, others discovered or mixed, but spectacular. They are one of those attractions where you go up again and again.

Iceland: Fun for the kids in the house in an enchanted castle to play and a pirate ship. Add slip ramps and minitobogans, all safe for them.

Jungle Diving: another area for children, but for the little ones of the family. It has figures of monkeys and tropical carts. Your pool is safe for children, without risk to play.

Swimming pools: Tobolandia has 2 swimming pools. The Laguna Tropical, wide and peaceful and the volcano lagoon with its warmed up water.

Address: Boulevard Ajijic, 57 Fraccionamiento Colonia, La Floresta, Guadalajara.

Children under 95 cm do not pay.
The children at the age of 96 cm and a meter 40 cm: 90 pesos ($ 5).
Children of one meter 41 cm or more in height: 180 pesos ($ 10).
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00.

The water park of Camachos
Visit Camacho Water Park today, a place designed for the enjoyment of everyone in the home, from children to adults.

Slides: one of the main attractions. The slides have a length of 123 meters.

Aqua Racer: more than 100 feet of water fun to compete with 3 friends in fast and wet slopes.

Aquatubos: Immerse yourself in the fun of acuatubos, slides in a pool ends.

Kamikaze: for the brave. Kamikaze is a short drive from high altitude through a narrow but safe slide opening.

Tornado: almost closed slides, in which at the end fall through a funnel. Attraction for the daring!

Mini Aqua Racer: adrenaline, but for little kids. It’s a fast version of Aqua Racer but for kids.

Children Area: Area of ​​Minitoboganes and slippery ramps.

To eat You have 2 options: to buy shops snacks or grill, where you can prepare your own food.

The Camacho Water Park is nursing and its pools, lifeguards. Everything is done safely.

Rehilete Mayor Park
With 57 years of inauguration, it is still one of the city’s most traditional parks.

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