477 Anniversary of Guadalajara

illuminating the city with notes of Mariachi, flocklor and dance.

477 years ago an February 14th. The inauguration of the Guadalajara foundation was remembered with nostalgia. Throughout the years the traditions and the provincial soul of this growing city are maintained. This year is commemorated with an event called GDLUZ (Guadalajara Ligth), illuminating the city with notes of Mariachi, flocklor and dance.

After “waking up” to the city with the mañanitas, the Mayor of Guadalajara, Ismael del Toro, made the traditional game of picón and distributed some roses, this because Guadalajara has been cataloged as “The City of Roses.”

477 anniversary Guadalajara

Then, the central esplanade was left in the dark to later witness an explosion of color, mariachi music and folk dancing by the Guadalajara Guadalajara Ballet. Then, the Tapatío DJ Sachary and Renzo Cubas, a Costa Rican lighting designer who works in Las Vegas, made a sonorous and visual mix that included projections in the 16 meter high agave. Later the party closed with the interpretation of “Guadalajara“, the hymn of the City in mariachi tones, which was crowned with a sight spectacle of pyrotechnic games that came from the upper part of the Cathedral and the Degollado Theater.


Culture scene Guadalajara, Municipal Band, Estudiantina, Rondalla, Folkloric ballet and mariachi DJ / Lithing, Designer City Hall Choir, Street Performers, Marakame show.

Where to start?

The tour is free, but we suggest you start it at the Hospicio Cabañas or at the Mercado Corona so that you can enjoy most of the attractions.

How many people assisted?

This year’s edition was attended by 1 million 163 thousand 570 people who enjoyed the light show, danced, took pictures, jumped and sang.

Celebration GDL, without patrols

From the arrival to the Metropolitan Cathedral the citizens enjoyed the images of Pedro Infante’s films, the orchestra that interpreted songs that made the audience sing and dance, that from there they continued to the next show in Liberation Square where the DJ made a jump to everyone. The pyrotechnic games were also spectacular.

One of the attractions in this edition was the tunnel of lights, which was the scene to take the famous “selfies”.

The enchanted minors and the adults more. From there they went to the last show of lights taking as background the majestic Cultural Institute Cabins where the figure of an eagle was the most attractive, without demerit the rest. And with a fantastic Guadalajara weather.


Guadalajara is recognized as the sentimental capital of important symbols that represent Mexicanness in the world.

One of the best ways to discover a city is through its food, and in Guadalajara it could not be different.
Heir to deep Mexican traditions, dishes such as meats in their juice, birria tatemada, the succulent pozole or the delicious drowned cakes made with salty bean and dipped in tomato sauce are part of the traditional Tapatía gastronomy.

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Guadalajara News 2019


2019 begings with many incredible news!, we show you what can not miss for your next visit. Magestuosa architecture, a mini city to discover, cultural festivals and cinema with visual disability. Rediscover the city with the senses, and unforgettable experiences.

* Cinema for people with visual disabilities
film- We the noble

It is projected in the Public Library Juan Jose Arreola, in the Tiflotecnia area, showing current films with audio in Latin Spanish, which describes the basic concepts of image and sound that go hand in hand creating a unique and new perception.
-Shcedules and prices
January 31, 2019
Thursday, 12:00 – 13:50 hrs.
Free admission
Address: Periférico Norte, Manuel Gómez Morín 1695, Colonia Belenes


It is an interactive city for children from 1 to 14 years of age who mix inspiration, fun and learning through role play activities. Children can freely explore a city on a scale of more than 7,000 square meters, where they can experience more than 100 exciting professions.

-Shcedules and prices
Tuesday to Thursday – 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Friday – 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday – 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Children (1 to 16 years old) $ 299 MXN
Adults (17+) $ 179 MXN

* FIL 2019 “India country guest”
“For FIL, it is a matter of pride and celebration that India has agreed to be our Guest next year. It will be a perfect occasion for the cultural meeting and for our publishing industries to build bridges and enrich themselves ”
Since: Novembember 30, until December 8.

* New Malls

– Midtown is integrated into the City of Guadalajara as a mixed-use project that will provide new commercial and entertainment spaces, as well as an important offer of offices and hotels in the western region of Mexico.

Like any symbol of modern architecture that dictates trends, this complex will integrate two iconic towers that will take advantage of its unbeatable location to offer spectacular views and raise the standards of luxury in Jalisco, expanding the offer of first class office spaces and establishing leading luxury residences in its branch, everything to satisfy the needs of this sophisticated market.

Yes now! You will not miss the new in our city.

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