Is it safe to travel to Guadalajara Mexico

Is it safe to travel to Guadalajara Mexico after Covid-19 in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico?

Is it Safe to Travel to Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico do to COVID 19 coronavirus safe open to travel
Is Guadalajara Mexico a safe dstination?

We are in the year 2021, in the middle of the pandemic and an economic crisis, but Guadalajara still IS a beautiful city to visit.

Most of the economic activity in the hands of citizens has already been reactivated. The city of Guadalajara slowly returns to its new normality despite the risks that this may represent for its inhabitants.

Is it safe to travel to Mexico COVID-19 Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico safe travels
Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico safe travels

Tourists are already returning to enjoy one of the best climates in the world (According to specialized publications on the subject) If you can travel to Guadalajara by air, since Aeroméxico and Volaris are opening many direct routes from many cities in Canada, the United States and in Mexico.

Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco Mexico is a destination to travel safely. The mask in times of Covid-19 has become an extremely important tool. There are different types, such as: standard model, biphasic for surgical use and triphasic, such as high-efficiency masks. And given the need to reactivate economic activities in many states, its use is essential when facing coexistence in confined spaces.

Guadalajara Jalisco mexico post covid19 coronavirus safe to travel open

Mandatory use of face masks in companies, businesses and government offices, as well as sanitary review fences and hygiene protocols in transport.
Remember that all protocols are implemented to reduce the number of infections and above all to protect our health. Take into account that the mask should not be touched constantly and should cover the nose and mouth.

The measures that I share with you may vary by municipality, neighborhood and even establishments, before arriving at a place, make sure you know their protocols and sign them in the way that the authorities request.

It is clear that the battle against Covid-19 is not close to ending and we must follow the recommendations of the authorities. Do you comply with the health protocols of your community? Share with us some of your experiences with the mask in the comments.

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To travel or not to travel? That is the question today. Due to the pandemic the whole world went into quarantine. All countries took different measures, but the vast majority postponed trips or recommended making only essential trips, but as the months have passed and cases worldwide have decreased, the measures have been relaxed and countries like Mexico reactivated tourism.

However, there is still much that we do not know and that we wonder about traveling at this time. In the same way, the issue of whether traveling is irresponsible and whether we can leave home is quite complicated.

Travel Protocol to travel in Mexico

That is why I decided to investigate a little more in depth what people who are on opposite sides of the issue think, people who have already left and who do not consider it appropriate, in addition to interviewing a Neuroscientist and a psychologist to talk more about what that happens in our brain and behavior by quarantine and that can generate situations such as cabin fever.

I hope you find it interesting and help us all to form our own criteria on how responsible we can be to go on a trip.

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