Tequila Herradura Express Train

Tequila Herradura Express Train is one of the most spectacular but especially fun routes you can do in Guadalajara, is to relive the characteristic bohemian atmosphere of traveling in a passenger train in Mexico.

Herradura Express Train

In 1997, the Tequila Herradura Express Train was inaugurated, a tourist train that leaves Guadalajara on Saturdays towards Amatitlán, Jalisco.

If you are visiting Guadalajara then surely you would like to know more about the acclaimed and world famous drink that bears the name of the magical town that saw it born: Tequila.

Tequila Herradura Express Train

Get ready for a tour of the Tequila Valley, Jalisco and get to know the history and magic that surrounds the elaboration of tequila, surrounded by blue landscapes of agave and haciendas.

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Tequila Herradura Express Train

The trip is for the whole family (children from 6 years) and from the Guadalajara station you start to feel the typical Mexican atmosphere since they welcome you with mariachi and that continues throughout the trip while you enjoy the beautiful agave landscape from the State of Jalisco.

Herradura Express Train

During the journey inside the car, passengers, if they wish, can taste the different Tequilas and Beer that are provided as part of the service.

The trip also includes a visit to the Hacienda San José del Refugio, from Casa Tequila Herradura, to take a tour of its facilities.

Subsequently, a Mexican party is organized where there are folk dances, mariachis, singers and a selection of regional cuisine.

It is a tour that you should definitely not miss on your visit to Guadalajara, here a video of the wonderful experience that awaits you:

Herradura Express Tequila Train with all you can drink buy Tickets to get your seats
Herradura Express TEquila Train

The return to Guadalajara is in the afternoon and you arrive at approximately 7:30 pm Your exclusive transport will return you to your home. There are snacks, soft drinks, beers and some cocktails prepared with tequila and of course a great Mexican atmosphere.

Tequila Herradura Express Train

The Tourist Train is a jewel of Mexican engineering, since it makes a tour visiting the landscapes of Mexican culture, spectacular bridges and tunnels since 1961; This experience is unusual in Mexico.

Tequila Express

Cross between beautiful natural landscapes full of canyons, wildlife, trees, lagoons and rivers. Due to their beauty, these mountain formations of the Sierra Madre are visited on board the train by thousands of tourists from around the world every year.

Hacienda del Tequila Herradura

In Amatitán, Jalisco Mexico is where this tequila is produced, and after listening to the tourist guides from Panoramex about the origins of this ancestral drink, it is understood that the walls, loaded with history, define more than the barrels themselves the unique flavor of their distillates .

Tequila Herradura has managed to capitalize on this special condition since the Herradura Express train ride, by tasting cocktails also with designation of origin, since its recipes are prepared by its own mixologists and bartenders.

It also highlights the tasting of its different tequilas, once inside the museum of the hacienda.

Tequila Herradura Distillery Museum

This tequila and gastronomic tour is also full of memories. There we learned that the first owner was Don Feliciano Romo, at the beginning of the 19th century, but the official story of Herradura was initiated by Félix López, as the distillery administrator under the command of Josefa Salazar and his children. They also tell us that in 1870, Félix López took over the agave and distillery fields and registered them as a tequila producer under the name of Hacienda San José del Refugio.

Felix married Carmen Rosales and they had two children, Aurelio and María de Jesús. When Felix died in 1878, Mrs. Carmen took control of the business together with her brother Ambrosio Rosales and his wife Elisa Gómez Cuervo. Subsequently, the business was inherited by Aurelio López.

It was at the end of the 19th century when the tequila farm was already well known and Don Aurelio gave the name of Herradura to his tequila. Horseshoe, which means horse shoe, assumes that it comes from the verification of a horseshoe in said property.

Hacienda Herradura Tequila

In 1920, in the middle of the Cristero War, Aurelio and his sister María de Jesús, supporters of the Cristero movement, were persecuted by the government but were also able to escape. Aurelio never returned to the farm. Thus, the property passed to Aurelio’s nephew, David Rosales, who maintained 100% agave tequila, despite the tendency to create blends to lower costs.

It is known that both the hacienda and the Herradura brand have remained in the family for more than a century, but in 1960 the old factory was dismantled to create a new one, but also giving birth to a museum.

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