Chapultepec Avenue

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City of Guadalajara

Chapultepec Avenue

The Avenida Chapultepec, emblematic of the city as it has many monuments and is surrounded by the glamor of the Perla Tapatia.

Its breadth and beauty are present in its median and benches arranged for rest of pedestrians , who can admire the sculptures of Heroes and Ignacio Zaragoza Children , sources or any cultural events that often occur during the weekend week . Definitely worth it to shop around, on foot or by car , by way of this iconic beautiful Guadalajara.

History of Chapultepec Avenue

El Paseo Chapultepec began in December 2004 , driven by the direction of Culture of the City , whose owner was Santiago Baeza. Every Saturday the ridges of this traditional avenue and side streets dressed in sheets, dance, theater , music, sale of crafts , books, paintings . The project continued for seasons in 2005 and 2006 , when administrative problems ceased to belong to the management of Culture. Pending municipal economic support , vendors continued the ride and made ​​him a citizen initiative.

After the address of Culture did not continue with the project , booksellers , artisans and painters who participated from the start decided to continue the tour every Saturday .

Vendors are separated into three ridges. PAINTERS are installed in the median of the street located between Montenegro and Jose Guadalupe Guadalupe Zuno ; ARTISANS between the Guadalupe Zuno and Lerdo de Tejada and LIBREROS between Lerdo de Tejada y Av La Paz.

As of February 2009 due to renovations of the ridge , were temporarily relocated between Calle Ninos Heroes and Washington Monument in front of the Ninos Heroes.

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful avenues of our city is Chapultepec: wooded, elegant, medians with benches, many planters, fountains and several monuments of great size and beauty.

Born with the name of La Fayette, which remained for many years in the mouths of Guadalajara, then changed nomenclature Chapultepec.

In 1948, during the rule of Jesus Gonzalez Gallo colonial urbanization and the construction of the avenue is made, the whole costing four million and a half; Avenue by the architect Julio de la Peña.

Born in the junction of Av Mexico and ends at Washington Avenue and throughout his career has a lot of monuments of excellent workmanship . The first to appear is dedicated to Ignacio Zaragoza, Length, like all adorning the avenue.

At the junction with Avenida Vallarta, two books and superimposed bronze seated on marble bases letters, which is a monument ” to the Institute of Amparo ” and their advocates : Ignacio L. Vallarta and Mariano Otero “placed on the sides of Vallarta avenue.

On the junction of Pedro Moreno, is the statue of Vicente Suárez and later those of Juan de la Barrera, Juan Escutia, Francisco Márquez, Agustín Melgar and Fernando Montes de Oca.

At the confluence of Ninos Heroes and Chapultepec avenues, an obelisk of gray and pink stone , which serves to support a huge and young mother country , a long tunic covered by rigid folds , which include two lifts breasts sharp and his hands holding a garland of roses.

At the foot of the mother country , an eagle devouring a snake and the beginning of the obelisk is in bas-relief in bronze, the group of cadets from the heroic exploits of Chapultepec.

All this sculpture is the work of Juan Olaguibel , who is the author of The Diana , Paseo de la Reforma and Pipila of Guanajuato. Momumento This was the culmination of several years of Av Chapultepec, but today cruise and Washington Avenue is another monument to the Heroes of Veracruz, whose names appear on a bronze plaque : ” Colonel Manuel Contreras , Lieutenant Colonel Albino Rodriguez Alfredo Cañete Lieutenant, Captain Benjamin Gutierrez, Felipe Rodríguez soldier , Lieutenant Allatius Jorge Pérez , sergeants Daniel and Efren Rivera Sánchez , Andrés Montes carpenter, police Tereso Avenue, Messrs. James L. García, Antonio Torres, Martínez ARISTES Juan Morales, Juan Rodríguez and Benito Briseno . Maria Valderrama ladies and children Sara Alvarado and Antonio Fuentes and Gilberto Gómez.

In the quarry pedestal is a plaque showing the plane of battle April 21, 1914; on this monument are dramatic military figures wielding a machine gun and a naked threatening, the two figures are made in bronze, very realistic and well executed. The attractiveness of this avenue are your sources . The original idea was to place 22 sources in eleven cruises in the north end between Av and Av Chapultepec Mexico and a large fountain at the south end, a reflecting pool of the Niños Héroes of glass, reflecting the monument Motherland. But lack of budget was reduced to only eight sources, and water mirror was forgotten.

These sources are a stylized dishes quarry rim surrounded by the same material. Through this avenue, between Morelos and Hidalgo streets is a small garden, called “Garden of Trade”, which housed one of the best sculptures of the city.

There is still the quarry pedestal and plaque . The sculpture of Mercury was the god of commerce an excellent replica of Italian Renaissance art; mysteriously lost the original and the copy also …

Hidalgo between Calle Justo Sierra is a square called ” corner Sevillano ” and here is a huge eucalyptus, which is dedicated to writer Juan Rulfo, and would dedicate his many readers.

The ridges of this avenue in the mid 50 ‘s was fun for youth skating these days and now in the XXI century , this avenue is waiting to discover its many secrets you have hidden .