Dance of Tastoanes

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The dance of the Tastoanes

Traditional dances of Mexico The feast of Tastoanes, which is part of the cult of St. James, held in stocks Jocotán, San Juan de Ocotán, Ixcatán, Nextipac and Santa Ana Tepetitlán. Traditionally it is made from 25 to 27 July in Santa Ana Tepetitlán but the celebration takes place from 9 to 12 September and Jocotán celebrations are the 8 to 9 March.

The Dance of the Tastoanes is a celebration has more than three centuries of tradition in the villages of western Mexico, is a cultural expression characteristic of this region; It is celebrated on July 25 in the towns of Jalisco, from the municipal capital of Tonala and Salatitán in San Juan de Ocotán, Nextipac, Santa Ana and San Francisco Tepetitlán Ixcatán in Zapopan. Just as in the state of Zacatecas in Juchipila, Apozol and Moyahua Estrada and others.

Held since colonial times, it represents the triumph of indigenous Chimalhuacanos on the conquerors, represented by St. James.

Tastoanes Tonala Tlaquepaque Zapopan Jalisco This ceremony brings together war dances, mystical beliefs and history. The ritual passed down from generation to generation with integrity but clothing has undergone some changes. The participants wearing masks are made of leather, wood or rubber in the form of animals. The instrument used to accompany the dance is the flageolet (wind instrument made of wood, similar to clarinet).