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Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco, one of 32 states of the Mexican republic. It is positioned in western Mexico, the center of Jalisco, in the geographical area known as Valle de Atemajac. Jalisco has 125 municipalities and its principial territory delimited to the north by the municipalities of Zapopan and Ixtlahuacán River; east to Tonala and Zapotlanejo; to the south and west with Tlaquepaque Zapopan. The Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (consisting of 8 municipalities of Jalisco) brings together a population of about 5 millores inhabitants, being the second most populous country after the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico, and the ninth largest conurbation in Latin America.

Guadalajara Pearl of the West

The pearl of western Mexico is both current and historic majestic city, with dazzling qualities that welcomes all its visitors. Combining pleasant weather, various forms of entertainment, historical attractions and several tourist and cultural attractions. Guadalajara is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico, is a business center and many opportunities for its people, as well as pleasant surprises to its visitors. Jalisco is also the birthplace of José Clemente Orozco, one of the greatest muralists of the twentieth century in the world. This capital is a cultural destination resort, ideal for those who seek peace walkers, instead of overwhelming scenario Resorts.

Minerva water fountain in Guadalajara Mexico

For many visitors, save the soul of Guadalajara Mexico. It is home to most traditions identified with the country and products. Tequila comes from the state of Jalisco, and mariachi music and many traditional Mexican Food. The area is also known for the charro tradition: Men in suits accompanied by decorated horses for Mexican-style rodeos. The friendly residents of the city called Guadalajara, are known for their civic pride and hospitality.

The city lies in a mountainous plateau in west central Mexico at an altitude of 5,400 feet. This high plateau is blessed with a splendid summer weather . For the day is hot and sunny, the humidity is low and the nights are cool and clear. The afternoon showers are common from June to September , when the field is carpeted pastures look green velvet.

Nice view of Guadalajara City in Mexico

This town is seated in the center of the state of Jalisco, on Atemajac Valle , which in Nahuatl means place where water splits in Neovolcanic . It has an average altitude of 1570 masl , most are low hills, whose highest point is Cerro are Four (20 ° 36’3 .97 ? N 103 ° 21’47 .52 ? O) . The municipality has the Río San Juan de Dios, which is piped to the north by the Rio Santiago and Arroyo Atemajac and south of the municipality are the springs of Agua Azul. The municipality of Guadalajara is the most populated in the state of Jalisco, the land area is 187.91 km ² (Municipality), and more than 850 km2 in agglomeration. The soil is volcanic and Tertiary and Quaternary of the Cenozoic era, mostly urban use period. The seismic activity is moderate to intense volcanic activity is reduced Volcano Spring in the Sierra Spring.

Population of Guadalajara

Being the second largest city in Mexico, with a population of nearly 5 million people, you are constantly reminded that Guadalajara is a busy metropolis and a major business center. Although the city has a fast pace, things always seem to stay calm here. There are many places in Guadalajara where you feel like you ‘ve stepped back in time to a different era.

Places to go Guadalajara

According to the latest figures by the INEGI, corroborated in 2010 , the municipality of Guadalajara has a population of approximately 1’494, 134 with a population in the metropolitan area of 4’434, 252 inhabitants , making it the most populous city in the state of Jalisco, the largest conurbation in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, and the second most populous city in Mexico; the first is Mexico City.

Guadalajara is certainly one of the most attractive cities for investment Mexican because a prime location and beautiful weather. Its infrastructure offers real estate options for every taste, why is home to renowned companies that have gradually transformed the city into a great place for buying properties. Buying houses in Guadalajara has become one of the most profitable businesses in the state of Jalisco, due to the rapid appreciation of real estate and urban development supported by the government and all economic sectors of the city.

History of Guadalajara

Degollado Theater in Guadalajara

Unlike Mexico City, Guadalajara Mexico area development had no native population when the Spanish finally settled on the site in 1542. Their first development was an outpost of exploring the vast eastern regions of Mexico, and later became the capital of the province of Nueva Galicia. Thus, through nearly 300 years of colonial rule, Guadalajara Mexico became an important regional center for trade. Lavish wealth from livestock and agriculture dressed beautiful city with municipal buildings, ornate churches and colonial mansions.

Its name comes from the Arabic word al- wadi Hiyara meaning river of stones or river running among stones. The founders of this town Beatriz Hernandes, Cristóbal de Oñate named the city including New Galicia. The independent Mexico was given its current name recalling the conqueror of western Mexico Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán was born in Guadalajara, Spain.

Historic Guadalajara Places

The constant incursions of Spanish conquistador Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán to the western lands and then territory of New Spain, in order to increase their dominance and power over those territories, resulted in the establishment of a new province called Kingdom of Nueva Galicia. The region was inhabited by several indigenous groups, including Nahua tribes, kinks and Huichol.

Guadalajara In Mexico it is known by the nickname La Perla de Occidente, La Perla Tapatia, City of Fountains, Jalisco Bride or The City of Roses.

Guadalajara is a city of monuments, parks and flowers, fountains and tree lined along its avenues, one alive with subtle attractions that keeps him who first visited city entertained for weeks. Guadalajara’s history dates back to the sixteenth century and the rich heritage of colonial Mexico is evident everywhere  The Guadalajara region is known as the birthplace of the world famous Mariachi and is also home to the Mexican Hat Dance. Near the town of Tequila, we all know, it is this very famous people. The surrounding area is also known for its artisans who produce countless handmade items that are treasured worldwide.

Guadalajara Folklore and Traditions

Festivities in Guadalajara

Las Fiestas de Octubre de Guadalajara, attract visitors from around the world and artists from all over Mexico celebrate cultural and artistic events and running a wide variety of music, as well as also have crafts exhibitions.

Guadalajara Tourist Attractions

Guadalajara is a great holiday destination for those seeking the authentic taste of Mexican culture combined with numerous activities and comfort that only a modern and big city can provide. A vacation of two weeks in Guadalajara can go very fast and very likely find that you are not ready to leave this wonderful city.

Guadalajara Zoo things to do

Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico (population 5 million), has grown significantly in the last ten years. Traffic jams, air pollution and some other urban problems have somehow unworthy the charm of the city. Despite these drawbacks, Guadalajara still has its distinction as one of the most pleasant cities in Mexico , and comes very well to visitors who want to taste what a real city with Mexican culture which also features modern amenities and interesting tourist attractions.


Zapopan in Guadalajara Jalisco México

The city of Zapopan was founded in 1540, and shares the urban municipality with the city of Guadalajara. Much of which will make you think that is Guadalajara, actually it is the city of Zapopan. The center of Zapopan is dominated by its majestic Basilica and the beautiful main square. The main square of Zapopan can be one of the most pleasant place to relax and escape the Guadalajara area locations. The church dates from 1730.

Zapopan Guadalajara Jalisco mexico

Zapopan is one of the most famous pilgrimage centers of Mexico. At the start of the rainy season , the image of the Virgin of Zapopan, Patron of Jalisco on a tour of the 130 parishes in the metropolitan area. It is believed that this will protect the city from calamities . On October 12, the image returns to his temple. On his return a large number of faithful around 4 million gather in a big festival to welcome the temple.

There are different types of cultural activities in different locations that occur almost every day throughout the year.


Many attractions are certainly Guadalajara in Tlaquepaque. This picturesque town is overlooked by harried vacationers who come and go to different attractions that the capital city of Jalisco . This is a shame as Tlaquepaque and its surroundings in the state of Jalisco are the most beautiful and historic places that has Mexico.

Guadalajara Tlaquepaque

Tlaquepaque Mexico is green , sophisticated and charming village of Jalisco. Many parts of the historic center have a peaceful environment characteristic of a small town . The parks , fountains, plazas and avenues ( wide and lined with trees) are scattered throughout the city . As a major center of art and education ( there are three major universities ), the town is full of bookshops, galleries and fine museums.


Despite the drawbacks of a recent population explosion , Guadalajara Mexico has preserved many treasures including the colonial town of Tonala. The city center is a beautiful chain of squares full of fountains and flowers . The lively main square , is a great because it has the church where the first Mass was celebrated western Mexico . long pedestrian street lined with municipal buildings , museums, craft shops , cafes and the largest market of Mexico crafts.

In regard to handicrafts and shopping, Tonala Jalisco is incomparable. Tlaquepaque and Tonala are world famous for their exquisite art , folklore and traditions. The place is particularly famous for its fine ceramics, blown glass , brass, copper and leather. Much of his fine work adorn many public buildings , hotels and restaurants the rest of Guadalajara.

Tourist attractions in Guadalajara

Excursions to villages around Guadalajara are the rural flavor of the state and the diverse natural beauty. Of particular interest are the people on the shore of Lake Chapala , the largest freshwater lake in Mexico . Tapalpa Mazamitla are quiet and alpine villages , high in the rugged mountains of the Sierra Madre . The distilleries around the town of Tequila, offer fascinating walks. Lagos de Moreno and San Juan de los Lagos colonial towns are famous for their religious festivals , folk art and colorful markets .

Climate Guadalajara

The climate of the city is temperate with summer rains semitropical medium humidity. Spring is dry and warm , windy season in February and March . The rainy season is between June and October , presenting intense storms with high winds and electrical activity in the evenings mainly . In spring and summer very hot days with highs above 33 ° C are common. Most calorusos days are in May , even in January and February. Towards autumn and winter rains are reduced and give way to sunny days and cold winds from the north. In winter it is common occurrence occasional freezing , with temperatures up to 0 ° C during the coldest nights , usually during the months of January and February.

The climate of northern Jalisco is less warm and colder and less rain .

The natural wealth of Guadalajara is represented by the Spring Forest , Los Colomos , and Huentitán Canyon . The flora is characterized by Michoacan Pines , oaks , sycamore maple, sweetgum , ash, willow ; and introduced as tabachines trees , jacaranda and Ficus , orchids , roses and several fungal species . The fauna is reduced to the typical urban wildlife, plus 106 species of mammals, 19 species of reptiles and six species of fish.

Government of Guadalajara

Like other municipalities in Mexico , Guadalajara is governed by a municipal president, who exercises executive power for three consecutive years; that position is currently occupied by Ramiro Hernández García . All mayors of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara center belong to the PRI party .

The legislature has the cabildo , formed by the form chosen by the candidate for mayor , made up of aldermen , who are not elected by the people by direct or indirect voting , but the return happens automatically if the mayor wins .

The municipality is divided into five electoral districts for the purpose of election of representatives of the city in the federal legislature. These districts are the VIII , IX , XI , XIII and XIV of the state of Jalisco.

Due to the growth of the urban area , the metropolitan area consists of the following municipalities: Guadalajara , Zapopan , Tonala , Tlaquepaque, Tlajomulco de Zuniga , El Salto, and Ixtlahuacán Juanacatlan of Quinces . Each municipality is governed by an elected mayor and a three-year term . Mayors , along with a group of aldermen named Cabildo , form a council . In this sense every urban conurbation municipality is autonomous, and what unites towards the metropolitan area is the Metropolitan Council , which consists of the aforementioned municipalities and is governed by the state governor . This group has the function of viewing problems and solutions in urban areas and mainly solve together . Each municipality is divided into zones, these have the function of the system of urban planning in general, Guadalajara has the following seven areas : Centre , Minerva, Huentitán , Oblates Olympic Tetlán and Southern Cross.

Tourism Meetings in Guadalajara

Guadalajara, as a business center, research and development of high technology, is a world leader in many industries . It has an innovative force and an international center of excellence in logistics and transportation, energy, environmental protection , health and automotive, to name a few . The country ‘s main industries and areas of expertise help determine the format and focus of your business events . Conferences and conventions tend to be held in places where large companies and research centers of a particular sector are based . They are important platforms for the exchange of experiences and ideas, fostering innovation , knowledge transfer , education and training.

Guadalajara is the height of the best in the world to host conferences and conventions. In the country the world rankings compiled by the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA ), Germany ranks second behind the U.S. in terms of number of major international events it hosts . Congresses , conventions and trade shows are an important economic factor . In 2011 , meetings and events Barometer recorded 2.69 million of them – with 323 million attendees – in Germany alone. Germany’s success can be attributed to the value it offers its wide range of high-end hotel rooms, convention centers and event spaces, and its reputation for efficiency and security relationship.

Innovation capacity in the increasingly important green meetings sector is another plus for Guadalajara in international competition and convention centers . Germany is an important factor in many fields of environmental technology player and is one of the largest markets worldwide. Companies across a variety of sectors and industry events themselves have recognized the potential of sustainability for their image and long-term success .

Guadalajara every year has become one of the most important cities in the country in Meetings Tourism segment because it has all the benefits and facilities to host since the most important events of international stature to generating more intimate business meeting .

The meetings generated by the Congresses , Conventions , Incentives and Exhibitions Fairs are a great opportunity to strengthen the Tourism Meetings Guadalajara, so much so that each year more than 1,600 events are recorded in the metropolitan area. The success of this is thanks to the many special features packed into this city , such as: the best location, warm weather , entertainment , culture , tradition, folklore , fine dining , excellent connectivity, the best tourist infrastructure , service quality and we can not fail to mention a Safe City .

Think of Guadalajara and not associate it almost immediately with the hallmark of Mexican identity , today is practically impossible. La Perla Tapatia is known in the world largely by its most representative standards : mariachi , tequila and folklore . Its nearly 470 years after it was founded endorse it as the Mexican city par excellence, and this is not far from reality. El Tapatio is proud of their identity, gives value to tradition and everyday lives .

Why not talk about emotions, identities? The flavor province you live in Guadalajara makes it different from any other . In the XXI century the strength of its traditions locates in the range of the most attractive cities , just as it has managed to maintain an air of simplicity harmonizing with sophisticated urban structure and evolving . The people of Guadalajara are used to living between two worlds : the traditional Guadalajara, this lifetime , with its tree-lined streets , parks and historic buildings , classic churros and “Light Bulb” hot chocolate or snows ” violet ” calandria rides and walks through the historic center , by the French La Fayette and Cologne, and Barragan architecture Hospice Cabañas; and contemporary Guadalajara, yesterday , the interior circuits , peripherals, Andares square , Puerta de Hierro, technology parks , Paseo Chapultepec , commercial walkers Colonia Americana and the best restaurants in Mexico . With almost 6 million people , this city has earned an important place among the strongest capitals of the country . Its cultural, tourist and investment offer was vital for their development. Its sustained industrial and economic growth , coupled with the commercial push their business elites consolidate achieved as a development center and a leader in the business west of the country . No wonder its fairgrounds, Expo Guadalajara , is considered one of the major convention centers in Latin America.

Thus, over time, Guadalajara has been reinvented itself , giving play to their vocation and essence. Today you can claim to be the image of Mexico at its best , becoming spearhead a cultural destination, origin of the purest country roots , undisputed center of economic development, and one of the most promising tourist destinations .


Guadalajara is the 2nd most populated metropolitan region in Mexico after Mexico City. The Guadalajara Metropolitan region has 7 adjacent municipalities. The city is located in the western pacific area of Mexico in the central area of Jalisco. Guadalajaras economy is primarily based on industry, particularly in information technology and has numerous international firms with manufacturing facilities in the Guadalajara Metro Area. The city is the cultural center of Mexico and is the home of Mariachi music and the host of numerous cultural events including the Guadalajara Book Fair and the International Film Festival of Guadalajara where numerous internationally renowned cultural events draw international crowds. Guadalajara is the seat of the municipality of Guadalajara and the capital of Jalisco.


If you are looking for a job in Mexico, you need to look in the Guadalajara classifieds. The ability to find a job in Mexico frequently depends on how good your credentials are and who you know. It is a significant help if you are bilingual, particularly if you have a good knowledge of English, while other languages such as Italian, German, and French are also very handy considering the size and number of European companies that are doing business in Mexico.

In addition to placing an advertisement in the Guadalajara classifieds, if you are newly arrived you should register with the relevant social clubs, chambers of commerce, and respective embassies in order to begin the process of incorporating yourself into the flow of things and to find good opportunities to start networking.

For the executives who want a new job or to change jobs, the next best thing to placing an advertisement in the Guadalajara classifieds is to use the services of a headhunter. There are some excellent international headhunting companies and services in Mexico. However, be advised that many headhunting companies require a fee for their search, and will usually insist on exclusivity for a certain period of time so that know that they wont be wasting their time and the time of others.


The absolute best way to find a job in Mexico is to advertise your services on the Guadalajara classifieds. You should also exchange experiences and advice with others who were or are in a similar circumstance as yourself. Be sure you contact the chamber of commerce regardless if they are local or foreign because they have their own employment agencies where you can post notices and search for job vacancies.

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