Lake Chapala

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Lake Side Chapala and Ajijic

It is believed that Chapala and Ajijic (located in the state of Jalisco) were inhabited by an indigenous people of northern Mexico.

The first Spanish occupation can be traced to 1524, according to the account of a Franciscan monk, Fray Juan de Padilla.

But actually become Chapala was established as an area until the 1530s, when the brothers Martin de Jesus and Fray Juan de Amolón built a convent, a hospital and a church.

At this point in time and until the early 1800s, Chapala was part of Spain. In his quest for independence from Spain, Jose Encarnacion Rosas led 200 men against the forces of Jose Antonio Serrato.

Lake Chapala

It is said that Rosas and his men not only beat Serrato but took 300 of his rifles. The search for independence Roses lasted until November 25, 1816, when the last battle was finally won and stopped the fight.

Eight years later Chapala was finally declared a villa, or a small town.

In the 1800s, Chapala grew and attracted a wave of foreign immigrants. These foreign immigrants were the first to build European-style estate, some of which still stand today.

The introduction of the railroad in the 1900s, caused an increase in visitors and others making this small town home throughout the year.

Lake Chapala

The population growth has led to an increase in business. His incredible climate rivera Chapala and natural beauty began to attract tourists, and thus retaining its style, several hotels were built to cater to tourists.

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