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One of the must visit attractions near the city of Guadalajara is the town of Tequila. These are the Tours offered for every budget.  10 best places to visit in Tequila City Jalisco, Mexico.

The town of Tequila Jalisco is full of charm and traditions in our country in the world magical. We list some corners who arrive can go unnoticed for ignorant visitors or accident Hikes of bell boys, taxi drivers, guides pirates, etc. They do not even need bother about to learn this text.

1. Tequila Train
This experience on the banana with dating from bygone days of our Mexico, a symbol for history and nostalgia for the good times and the luxury that our country have had. Don Porfirio Diaz was president who this route Amatitan, Tequila was inaugurated, and the peoples of region to get wellbeing and modernity. Even all the way ago Don Benito Juarez encourage this project, it was not until far into on the twentieth century, would this regional product finally export the to the harbor in Manzanillo and then spread over the entire world.

Earlier tasks the tequila bottles in pitchers-called transported at the expense of mules and mule drivers followed the they droves meandering and dangerous roads through the the Sierra Madre. While the world revolutionizes Internet and in the same way, rail the revolution regional the tequila industry; Local producers as Don Cenobio Sauza Madrigal (October 30 1842-1815 February 1909), owner of Antigua Cruz was founded in 1805 would place its products in shops in New York. Later Jose Antonio Gomez Cuervo contemporaries who grew up with nineteenth century also began exports.

While the first the tequila taverns Amatitan originating in Jalisco, Tequila, they first dive was very important in the development of the industry. The manufacture of, mezcal wine during colonial times caused the conflict with the Spanish crown because other beverages moved from Europe. There came to production of all alcohol drinks that contest ban for the European manufacturers can represent. Taverns closed their doors and temporarily laid off employees believe that this is the last battle in the incipient industry would be.

Taverns in Mexico Tequila
Bars old Tequila Jalisco Mexico
Certain, mezcal wine producers moved their production to more distant view on the inspectors ready Viceroy and backorders fill the seats. Other pubs continued black work downwards, away from main road, where inspectors ride the circulate who Rojeña La, the La Estancita, over Labor de Rivera among other.

Mexico Tequila old taverns
Tequila industrial workers in they old taverns
During this time the bars were a part of the facilities which are situated in the valley Tequila; But it was on nineteenth century, when the Mezcal wine producers set it up at this location south of town of Tequila. Tavernas are main producing and exporting such an endurance, Rojeña, Santa Fe, El Llano, and Fortaleza.

The Tequila in the Mexican the revolution
El Vino Mezcal Tequila takes momentum during the Mexican Revolution
The Tequila became internationally known under Porfiriato, because with the advent of the railroad some producers started exporting to USA. This is what can be called the first boom of the market, even if it was during the Mexican Revolution when the the tequila was identified as a popular drink choices, because both the federal forces, including the revolutionary drank.

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ruta del tequila 2

10 best places to visit in Mexico City Tequila Jalisco
3. Museum of the Sauza Family

The experience of to visit home of a of the most important the cornerstones in Tequila Industrial. The Sauza dynasty was born and grew behind the these walls the adobe. Visit this fascinating place where history was made. Join our Tequila tours that takes you on the journey from agave plant to the cup in the hand. Tours begins in the picturesque Rancho El Indio, that has a real “Jimador” can attend as he picks an agave. Perseverance distillery remains where all the tequila-making are demonstrated: after having received agave milling, hydrolysis, fermentation, distillation, aging and bottling. After a interesting conversation if production, the best the tequila freshly prepared drinks waiting you at La the Quinta Sauza.

Grandparents of Sauza Tequila
Sauza Family Museum (William Black the Guayabera)

On because of its popularity and authenticity in its original Mexico, Sauza the tequila is a of the fastest growing in the world. Sauza the tequila products is still is distilled in La Perseverancia in Tequila, Jalisco.

Some of the trademarks that are made in Tequila distillery endurance is: the Memorial, Hornitos, Sauza, endurance, three generations, Sauza Blanco, Sauza Memorial. For currently the family the tequila trademarks, cultural heritage and crafts since 1873 owned by the Beam Inc.

Museums in Tequila Jalisco Mexico
Sauza Family Museum in North Corner the Plaza de Tequila Jalisco

But not everything is saddened over Sauza Family and William continues the tequila grandparents called out to produce same house and for sale to the public.

With bread and wine so it goes

4. Lavaderos

Public laundry rooms is located in the southern part of town of Tequila was during colonial times a getaway for housewives. While wash the the clothes on knee on the knee, spoke he about happy things in life, songs whistled or sang the imaginary love. Lower the Orna was also a meeting place for people (males and women flirt wash) the Valley of Tequila as it is said that the spring that supplies the the brook were plentiful, enough for a lot of the housewives from the surrounding villages Texcalame, and El Guamuchil.

Old laundry history Tequila
Old public laundries

The site lies between two hills, the cross and the other on Loma de La Perseverancia. Mysterious and mystical place in so many legends about the caves counted in the premises. (I promised to not their current occupants legends spread their dependents) laundries gained fame not so good, because during the incision and skerries, there were many rumors which was invented and then is spread through town of Tequila. On that time there were Facebook so it were times when the call grew stronger to let people who washes was made in contravention, thereof the infamous phrase: “the look of wax”, even if this term (lucky for that the inhabit this location) are forgotten.

Public laundries Tequila of Jalisco Mexico
The Tequila Jalisco Mexico laundries

For to reach their laundry rooms can take the road through the old distilleries until the a road closed the of these two litters. The streets has been preserved in perfect original condition, but it washes has recently been renovated since last were injured by the use and time. Pretty cobbled streets that used to transport pineapple agave and actual products from head distillery Tequila Orendain and Fortaleza.

People’s voice, a voice from heaven

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tequila express

10 best places to visit in Mexico City Tequila Jalisco

5. Square Tequila Jalisco City

There is located in the current geographical middle of this beautiful magical town of Tequila 30 thousand inhabitants. Meeting place for higher and lower classes of colonial lard to owners of important the tequila factories. It is a quiet place to relax during larger part of the year, in times of fairs and festivities in the resort, it is where you can celebrate the most important fairs and events.

The Centro Historico Tequila Jalisco Mexico
Tequila center

On one side of the square is souvenir shops where they offer tasting of beverage with the understandable demands on that visitors decide out to buy a product from the hundreds varieties. Search under the arches, contrary to Paleteria page.

Kiosk Tequila Jalisco Mexico
Kiosk and it big square in Mexico City Tequila Jalisco

On one side of municipality’s area in gardens with a beautiful bandstand in the middle. The most important monument on the one hand, refers to one of the known persons in the Jalisco, Sixto Gorjón, political leader and ombudsman years 1873. Divided of the gardens is a series sculptures with popular themes of tequila, hikers and tourists the opportunity use to take Selfy the souvenir mounted sculptures.

6. Kommunalt Presidency

On the south side of the square the garden in town of Tequila has recently been renovated city the house. Because the this tour the tequila has a opportunity to decipher the rich cultural history of this magical city through to a statement from the impressive wall painting painted on the inside of the artist Adam Martinez.

The Mural Mayahuel Tequila in Jalisco Mexico City
The Mural Mayahuel Tequila in Jalisco Mexico City

This monumental wall painting gives the rich traditions in the countryside Mexico, its Pre-Hispanic history that a fundamental pillar of the tequila. Your professional and guide tourists in Tequila can tell prominent among them Mayahuel, Tlaloc characters and other characters and traditions in this beautiful Tequila the Pueblo Magico.

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tequila express

10 best places to visit in Mexico City Tequila Jalisco

7. the National Museum of Tequila (Munat)

Culture space is devoted to the historical development of this magical city and drink icon Mexico. Located in a beautiful eighteenth century mansion offers many facilities which connects the pre Latin American history the valley with the colonial the culture of the inhabitants with drinking water.

The National Museum of Tequila

Artists asked to leave his work in painting, sculpture, photography and music show with related to the topic. The Year host to the art exhibition “Tequila is a bird that in me,” the Victor Hugo Perez artist with paintings and sculptures interprets the feeling happy and colorful producing region.

Munat has more than 15 years of celebration of the story about tequila. Visitors can go around its beautiful central patio where seen a old mill of agave, this old the bakery was a part of production rustic the tequila, but certain manufacturers use this format for to give extra magic to your brands. You can also admire development of production systems in the beverage pictures, maps and reproductions of Pre-Hispanic of times.

Museums in Mexico City Tequila

There offers rooms with old photographs and a large collection of tequila bottles halls; including two bottles blown glass who been made by Hipólito Gutiérrez, reported as a the Guinness World Record in 1996 and 1997.

The Munat Recently a donation at 16 abstract pieces. A jar on the about 50 years old. The site began with a collection of 100 bottles that donated by members in Tequila department. Now they have approximately 500 bottles and must stay left for to give birth their collection.

The the CNIT is sector’s institution which represents and defends general interests in the industry, distribution image increases the prestige the tequila, also contributes to to protect designations of origin inheritance of all Mexicans.

The National the Museum of Tequila lies behind town hall in town of Tequila at number 34 Calle Ramon Corona in center.

8. The market

Formed by a number restaurants nearby of a fountain without water, is the market for regional dishes a collection of regional dishes. Ancestral food, family collection of recipes that has been refined with time to the the demanding palates habit to fulfill the bitter taste of konjac.

Municipal Market Tequila Jalisco Mexico
Cleofas Mota Food Market Tequila Mexico
Preparing the complex dishes available in few minutes before visitors offered on the market Cleofas Mota. Waste goat increases pastry smothered with birote came from Guadalajara the Dona tasting menus. an excellent place to try typical dishes from the municipality and the state is the municipal market “Cleofas Mota”, full of flavors and scents that must try instead.

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tequila express

10 best places to meet in MEXICO CITY the tequila JALISCO

9. Distillery Rojeña

The largest the tequila factory that delivers and the high demand for these spirits. The family of Juan Francisco Beckmann side valley the tequila comes from a dynasty which was founded by Jose Antonio Gomez Cuervo, from 1 758 and onwards In 1795, king Charles IV awarded him his son, Jose Maria the Guadalupe Cuervo, the total price and the first license to produce and market , mezcal wine from the region.

Tourist places to visit Tequila Jalisco
Cava in the distillery Rojeña

From this time built up a small distillery who they produce the tequila for the area, because it was the reputation that in 1812 decided to build in central Tequila Distillery Rojeña, there in day is still on bottle of and exported the tequila Cuervo.

Today the company has Tequila Cuervo La Rojeña, SA de CV still produces this brand within Rojeña factory that has become a major tourist attraction for the area.

Destileria La Rojeña
Rojeña distillery in Tequila Jalisco Mexico

By Carlos III 1 781 total ban against production of and trade with more than 75 cocktails, considering that the soul and the cruel behavioral the Indians acquired the pastures in Hacienda de Abajo, where later installed the Crow Tavern.
In 1795, his brother Jose Maria the Guadalupe Cuervo gotten from Charles IV, when the prohibition dissolved, that the first license to produce, mezcal wine, story of our current Tequila.

Tequila production
The Agave cones Cooking

Thus began he formally the history of the oldest the tequila the company.
Later Jose the Guadalupe die, he left all their possessions to his sons, Don Jose Ignacio Faustino and Maria Magdalena de Cuervo. These poison Vicente Albino Rojas, who gave all their possessions. Don Vicente could not resist the company took the father’s name and the name La Rojeña. He promoted new tavern and multiplied heirlooms, sharply increase production, because it started sell his, mezcal the wine not just in Jalisco, but even in many other states.


After the storm will the serenity

10. Cantina La Capilla

Don Javier tells that many years ago his the dining room was located in portals main square, but for a twist of fate got move to his current address. The oldest cantina Tequila had to call page of the chapel of the Indians front of the main the church, the families came to the fair and the 12 hours and the other was in the service at the 11:00 AM.

Cantina Tequila Jalisco chapels in Mexico
Don Javier La Capilla
The stamp is simple: nothing more than the tequila, cola, and fresh lemon juice, is served in a tall glass with salt on the rim. But inside the walls in the chapel, it takes on a nearly magical quality. I tried making the drink at home many times, but as Don Mr Javier will say, is the secret behind its taste not the ingredients are large knife, that is used to mix drinks, hack avocados for the guacamole, chilli for his homemade hot sauce, and all you can possibly need. But it is definitely worth the legendary cocktail to enjoy again at home during summer months.

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