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Zapopan is the second richest city in Mexico and the population is second only to Guadalajara in Jalisco, one of the five municipalities in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara.

Map of Zapopan

Located west of the historic center of Guadalajara is Zapopan municipality with the largest index of wealth and income GDP Jalisco. Most of the panorama consists of luxury shopping centers, modern buildings, parks and residential areas illustrating the purchasing power and modernity in the capital region.

The meaning of Zapopan

The name comes from the Nahuatl Zapopan Tzapopan and means “place of Zapote” several legends that place was founded by a group of Native Americans long before the arrival of the Spaniards counted. But the many clashes between tribes Chichimecas Cazcanes and master the different power groups, ended up scaring the first inhabitants.

The city of Zapopan was founded in 1540, and the urban municipality shares with the city of Guadalajara. A big part of what makes you think that is Guadalajara is actually the city of Zapopan. The center of Zapopan is dominated by its majestic Basilica and the beautiful square. Zapopan’s main square can be one of the most pleasant place to relax and escape the area places Guadalajara. The church is from the 1730th

With the arrival of the colonists were Zapopan area repopulated with native who was in the vicinity and service to the founding of Guadalajara. The task was conducted by Fray Antonio de Segovia follow the work of evangelization, became a Christian Zapopan ceremonial center with the image of the Virgin.

Urban development and population growth began to pick up in the late twentieth century when Zapopan declared a city and became part of the urban sprawl that makes up the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara.

Zapopan Jalisco Mexico
The historic center of Zapopan is the traditional place of the city. Every year, the procession of the patron saint of the city with 4 million pilgrims, the largest religious celebration of Guadalajara.

Zapopan has the most modern buildings in the capital region. Residential Puerta de Hierro, Valle Real and walking is the most exclusive areas of the city.